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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Confessing is Cheaper than Therapy

Confessing is good for the soul, or something. And it's a whole heck of a lot cheaper than therapy. I mean, that is what we blog for, isn't it?

- I had to go to Walmart yesterday and I can't stand going to Walmart. I try and avoid it at all costs. Now I'm not saying that all Walmarts are as bad as our Walmart, but I'm pretty positive a good number of pictures that are submitted to People of Walmart are from our Walmart. Because I knew I wouldn't be there long, I wore black yoga pant capris. I haven't shaved my legs in a week. #singlelife

- I made grape Kool-Aid the other day and while it brought back memories of my childhood, it also brought back memories of mixing a 2-liter of Mountain Dew, two packets of grape Kool-Aid and vodka together and drinking the entire bottle in one night. Hangovers and vomiting came rushing back faster than I could handle. Not sure if I should be nostalgic or disappointed. I'm pretty sure everything about that confession was wrong.

- I'm soooooo impatient and I'm tired of waiting. I'll leave it at that, for now.

- I'm just now reading Divergent. Please don't fall out of your desk chairs (Linds, I'm looking at you). I just have a love-hate relationship with reading sometimes. Meaning, sometimes I would rather watch Netflix than read a book. Divergent is really good though. I may even love it...

- My cousin sent me a picture of her wedding venue. The outside of the venue is a pretty sage green color. Our dresses are also a sage green color. I replied with "THE HOUSE MATCHES YOUR WEDDING!!!". Priorities y'all, priorities.

- I just double-clicked the caps lock on my keyboard to capitalize that last sentence. You know you spend too much time on your phone when...

- I watched this video about people who should have just donated to ALS instead of doing the Ice Water Bucket Challenge and I cried. Something feels a little wrong to laugh out those doing something for a good cause, but OMG, I've never seen so much funny all in one place.

- I'm pretty sure y'all are tired of me asking by now, but not only am I going to ask again, I'm gonna give you ANOTHER post to get click happy on. Love you so much. Post 1, Post 2

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  1. I am such an inpatient person too! I used to pray for patience, but then I realized that God would put me to the test... haha! Hopefully whatever it is that you're waiting on will happen very soon!

  2. I am totally impatient too! I also hate going to Walmart. Sometimes I can find things cheaper there but nothing beats the new Target that opened 3 minutes from my house! :)

  3. I remember complaining to my mom once that I didn't want to get ready to go to Target, and was like go to WalMart then. I feel like going to Walmart is such an ego boost! haha! Good things come to those who wait? or so they say!

  4. Click, click boom. I did it just for you :). Also, you are going to be crazy in love with Divergent, but then the series end...oh the end. #icanteven. I absolutely loved the books though. Last night at Costco I realized the movie was out on video and I honest to god can't remember if I saw it or not... I think I'm losing my mind.

  5. I'm impatient too. It drives my husband nuts.

  6. My hometown Walmart isn't too bad. But that's probably because we don't have a Target to differentiate those who care... and those who don't!

  7. Ommggg I avoid going to Walmart at ALL COSTS. I just refuse. I seriously have a phobia lol. Target is my go-to lol.

  8. Isn't there a saying, something like "patience is a virtue"? I'm not very patient either ha ha.
    Divergent was so good, both the book and the movie!
    Those ice bucket fail videos are HILARIOUS!

  9. I clicked on the link to the video of people who should have just donated and I was almost late for work because I couldn't stop watching - hilarious! I think I need to try this Mountain Dew/Kool-Aid/Vodka concoction because it consists of things I NEVER would have thought to combine

  10. You double tapped the button. It's kind of like when you're on Facebook and you click a photo twice to like it.



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