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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hey! Wanna Pick on Someone Your Own Size?!??!!!

The story I am about to tell is very real and true. It happened last night at approximately 5:38 PM, EST. Let me begin before someone assumes that I was at the scene of a crime or something because it's becoming eerily like the beginning of Law and Order, or something.

Last night I was asked to pick up a nugget tray from Chick Fil A for a meeting I had. I called and pre-ordered my nugget tray, because planner. Turns out, 20 minutes notice is enough time for the CFA crew to put together the tray. Anyone ever wonder how many nuggets they make in a day? Okay, I'm getting off topic. As normal, I parked my car and walked into the restaurant.

I noticed an older man, probably around the age of 66 talking very loudly to a boy of no more than 22 who happened to be, what I can only assume, was a shift manager (his shirt was burgundy, not black #cfaaddict). Out of no where, said old guy (all respectfulness went out the window after I witnessed his true colors) began yelling very loudly at this young employee. As always, the CFA employee was very respectful. Nothing he could say or do was pleasing the customer. After what seemed like a lifetime passed by, the douche nugget (see what I did there!) made his way to the door where a fellow nugget lover met him and said the following words "HEY! WANNA PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE?!!!!!!?" I may have blacked out for a moment, because the next thing I knew I was in my car, deciding just how I could blog about this.

Moral of the story, the old guy overreacted. I can't for the life of me think of a single thing Chick Fil A or the employee could have done to make him react in such a manner. This got me thinking about how I am made of 33% sass, 33% dramatics and 33.whatever % other things. I tend to be rather dramatic some times and while it's not my best quality, I do think it makes for an interesting life. Now I will proceed to list things I am or have been overly dramatic about because I knew you were waiting on the edge of your seats for me to make my point to share:

1. When McDonald's doesn't make my double cheeseburger plain and I'm forced to have a very slight taste of mustard and onions, because those just don't go away. and I hate mustard and onions.

2. When I get gas for $3.49 and see it for $3.28 a few miles down the road.

3. Not being able to fast forward thru most of the shows TWC has on the On Demand channel. I hate being bothered with commercials.

4. Having to wash, dry, fold and put away laundry. It's the worst.

5. When Twitter says I have -3 characters left and I have to figure out if I can replace any "ands" with "&" and what words I don't mind removing a letter or two from, like "u" instead of "you".

6. Receiving Diet Coke over Coke through a drive thru window and not realizing it until I get home

7. Not having a straw handy.

8. Shaving my legs. It feels so damn good afterwards, but the actual doing it is hard #twss

9. When something isn't loading fast enough on my iPhone and I began refreshing the page so it will go faster, because that totally works...

10. When the juice from my vegetable runs around my plate and gets in my mashed potatoes. Ew, just ew.

11. That my hair flips out and refuses to stay curled under.

12. Going downstairs only to realize I left something like my phone or the shoes I was going to wear upstairs and therefore I have to run back up there to get whatever I forgot

13. When my glasses fog up when I step outside because of the temperature difference. I'm pretty sure my skin got really moisture-y the other day when I left my air conditioned home and got in my hot car.

14. The fact that the left button clicky thing on my laptop's mouse fell off and I have to make sure I don't tilt the computer a certain way so that I don't lose the button.

15. That Twitter keeps telling me I have a new notification and I don't and the little red number 1 stays up there and I don't like the notifications staying on my phone for too long.

What tends to make you overreact? Are you dramatic like me?

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  1. I HATE running out of characters and then having to Frankenstein my message so I can still post it! And notifications that aren't supposed to be there. Stop lying to me, phone!!!

  2. Bahaha! This was awesome. Twitter omg. I'm right there with you. I hate getting the (-3) notice. -_-

  3. Um ok I was giddy yesterday when gas was $3.89/gallon because it hasn't been lower than $3.99 for what feels like forever. The Twitter thing, all the Twitter things, just YAASSS.

  4. Hahahaaaaa all of these! And now I want a McDon's double cheeseburger, thanks a WHOLE FREAKIN LOT

  5. haha! oh man these are hilarious! I feel ya on the gas prices! So annoying!

  6. I hate when my phone tells me I have a notification and I don't! just go a way little red number, GO AWAY!

  7. I so hear you on the twitter things.

  8. Ha ha ha. I can relate to so many of these items!

  9. Wait. My twitter keeps doing the same thing and it's literally driving me nuts!

  10. This is the second time today I have seen the "Drama Drama Drama" Gif of Kristen!!

  11. Gas is $3.18 here in Oklahoma! (that's about the only thing we have going for us right now..... and that's not much.) Also, I hate notifications. but I let my procrastination get the best of me once and didn't update my phone for like 4 months. Even though "settings" was telling me to. Take that Apple.

  12. I hate when I have to go back into my tweet to use bad grammar or short hand spelling to stay within the allocated characters

  13. Literally died just reading all of these. yes, so accurate!

  14. But when I run out of twitter characters... All these are so true!!

  15. ALL OF THESE! Esp the plain cheeseburger. Mustard and onions are gross and don't belong anywhere near my food.


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